• Accessories Desain

    Accessories are essential to emphasize design just as a frame complements a painting. The fashion accessories course is compelling for those who are interested in specialization; receiving a deep background in this area. Besides the 80% of practical lessons, our students, after a deep preparation on History of Accessories, will also attend theoretic courses in order to recognize targets and selling strategies for the success of their creations. Moreover, our teachers as professionals in the fashion world, will be able to help our students to face the reality of a working environment, and constantly be up-to-date.

    Program Kursus
    • Anatomical Basis
    • Planning Techniques
    • Technical Drawing
    • Colour Theory
    • Geometric Drawing
    • Life Drawing
    • Drawing Techniques
    • Creativeness
    • Illustration
    • Quick Sketching
    • Skins and fabrics
    • Alternative materials
    • Techniques Schedule
    • Styles and Couplings
    • Collection - Portfolio
    • In Details: 
    • Product's Placement
    • Sociology & Marketing
    • Alternative materials
    • Product's Placement
    Pilihan Jam

    Peserta kursus dapat memilih beberapa pilihan jam yaitu : 90 jam, 150 jam dan 330 jam

  • Congratulations to Our Student Josephine Wangge Who took part in the program Fashion Show Cotton USA 2017 "Daily Me"

    Peragaan busana desainer berbakat dari Istituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia membuat creative outfit yang terinspirasi dari konsep design favorit mereka di “Daily Me” pada acara Fashion Show Cotton USA 2017 di Ballroom Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Rabu 6 September 2017 :)

    Congratulation kepada Josephine Wangge ! Sebagai Juara 1st untuk kategori Designer Kids di Cotton USA 2017. Bravo!

  • Fashion Desain

    Fashion Desain

    Burgo Fashion Course Menyediakan kursus fashion desain yang mempelajari teknik menggambar figur secara proporsional, teknik mewarnai sesuai bahan dan material, ilustrasi koleksi berdasarkan tren dan riset.

    Fashion desain dapat dipelajari dari tingkat dasar hingga profesional.

    Program yang dipilih dapat disesuaikan dengan minat, kebutuhan dan jadwal yang fleksibel.

    Program yang tersedia :

    • Women's Wear.
    • Men's Wear.
    • Children’s Wear
    • Jewelery Design
    • Accessories Design
    • Bag Course
    • Bag and shoes Design
    • Wedding Dress
    • Theatre Costume
    • Underwear
    • Beach Wear.

    Pilihan Jam

    Paket kursus : 90 jam, 150 jam dan 330 jam.
  • Jewelery Desain

    In a world in continuous evolution, it is extremely important being constantly up-to-date. Since nowadays Jewelry Designer and Professionals on field are increased in importance. Our jewelry course has been scheduled in response to the great demand coming from Fashion World. The designer jewelry course gives our students the instruments to learn the most important techniques of drawing jewels: pantone, tempera, pastels, pencils, eco lines ,technical draw and orthogonal projection. Those techniques are supplemented by an introductive anatomical study on face and hands. Moreover, the students will be introduced to a deep study around the costume jewelry, symbolism of jewels and to a more commercial and technical knowledge regarding the quality of precious and semi-precious stones and metals.

    Program Kursus
    • Face & Hands Anatomy
    • Colours Theory
    • Jewel Design
    • Technical Drawing
    • Geometrical Drawing
    • Life drawing
    • Drawing technique
    • Creativeness
    • Illustration
    • Fashion Sketching
    • Decoration
    • Schedule of Techniques
    • Collection and Portfolio
    • Traditional Materials
    • Innovative Materials
    • Symbolism and Function
    Pilihan Jam

    Peserta kursus dapat memilih beberapa pilihan jam yaitu : 90 jam, 150 jam dan 330 jam